The impact of the Her Choice programme in Senegal

Two impressive videos, made by local partners in Senegal, show the impact of the Her Choice programme in Senegal.

Her Choice in Tambacounda, Senegal

This video shows how the programme has brought knowledge about SRHR. With the support of health staff, both girls and mothers have access to SRHR health services. In addition, the intervention villages are working with CAPE (Coalition of Actors for the Protection of Children) on systematic birth registration: a means of monitoring and preventing child marriages. The administrative authorities are also involved in providing information on child protection and eradicating child marriages.

The Her Choice programme in Kolda

This video covers the changes in the municipalities of Thietty and Saré Bidji in Senegal thanks to Her Choice partner Enda Jeunesse Action in Kolda: teachers and educational authorities, local communities, religious authorities, girls who have benefited from the programme and parents talk about the changes they have seen in their homes over these five years.  The results include keeping girls in school, adopting protection charters, the economic empowerment of vulnerable girls to increase their self-esteem, and advocating for the inclusion of the charters in the law.