Mobilizing action for global health and a new development agenda

The research partner of the Her Choice programme, the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), sent a letter to Minister Sigrid Kaag of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The AISSR did this on behalf of a broad group of ‘international development colleagues’ from other Dutch universities.

In the letter, the Development Studies Community of Scholars in The Netherlands calls on the Minister to:

(a) initiate a discussion within the Netherlands Cabinet on global health challenges;

(b) initiate a working group of development cooperation ministers;

(c) see how rich countries, industries and people worldwide can mutually engage with partners in the global South to develop a short-term policy to provide relief to the poor, migrants and refugees world-wide;

(d) assess how lessons learnt can lead to a more long-term strategy on redefining development to reduce social and environmental externalities, and reducing inequality between and within states as required by Goal 10 of the Sustainable Development Goals;

(e) communicate the importance of mobilizing action for global health and a new development agenda to the Dutch public, and

(f) actively engage the development studies community to support the Minister in finding meaningful and systemic solutions for this and related global crises.

(for the full letter and the names of signatories, please refer to the website of the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam)