Inspiring meeting in Benin

Around 50 representatives from 19 partner organisations of the Her Choice family from Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal and Benin are meeting this week at the Her Choice Regional Linking & Learning in Benin with Dutch Alliance members from Kinderpostzegels, The Hunger Project and the University of Amsterdam.

During the meeting, there will be extra attention for the topic of comprehensive sexuality education, which is key for girls and young women to make well-informed choices that will be leading for the rest of their lives.

Our goal this week is to share good practices on all six strategies of the Her Choice program. Partners will present examples of successful activities, but also share the obstacles that they are facing. In this way, we can learn how to translate good practices to implement in different contexts, but also to learn from mistakes and obstacles – and they have been overcome.

We’re also very happy with the visit and participation of Mieke Vogels, who represents the Dutch Embassy in Cotonou at this meeting. Her presence and contribution are invaluable to us. The Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) will also present a workshop on the findings of the Her Choice Midline Study and what we can learn from it. In this way we can intensify our efforts in achieve even better results towards the end of the program.