Linking and Learning during the 4-day HER CHOICE meeting in Nepal

“You’ve got to work together to tackle child marriage and other difficult social issues. Everyone in the community can and should be involved, including boys and girls. Community theatre is one way of doing this”.

This is the view of Israt Nuery (otherwise known as Mumu), from Dalit NGO Bangladesh, who is participating in the 4-day Her Choice linking and learning meeting in a beautiful mountain retreat in Nagarkot in Nepal. Mumu continues explaining how she and her colleagues prepared their workshop,

“We wanted to create a lively, vibrant drama performance, which dealt with the tough realities and sadness of child marriage. But we also wanted the audience to smile and to be curious to know more about how our girls’ and boys’ clubs are challenging early marriages”.

This partner organisations from the HER CHOICE Alliance from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, the Netherlands, Nepal and Pakistan will be ‘jumping in’ to more interactive sessions, to share experiences and learn from each other. Stay tuned for more news from Nepal!