Data sharing on child marriage in Bangladesh

Staff members of The Hunger Project in Bangladesh found a very creative way of presenting the data from the baseline study about child marriage. To present the study findings to the community, they organized a presentation in an open place. The presentation slides were printed and hanged in front of in front of the community members. Community members went on a ‘DataWalk’ along the printed slides of the findings. They discussed these with peers and presenters to have thorough understanding. After that, each individual shared her/his opinion on the findings making use of colorful sticky notes.

Data presentation


One of the conclusions was that the expected rate of early marriage organized by parents would be more than the rate of study findings (81%). As a very positive outcome of the day, representatives of the government committed to provide a national toll-free helpline “109” to prevent child marriage. Also, the community pledged to reduce the rate of early marriage with 50%.

Group presentation

Group discussion