HER CHOICE L&L East Africa – part 1: there is no airport at Hawassa airport!

On an early morning in the fields of the Hawassa airport a Belgian, a Polish, a Dutch, an Ethiopian, an Ugandan, a Ghanaian and an Italian HER CHOICE coordinator meet each other.

They are literally standing in the fields since, to their great surprise,  there is no airport (yet) at Hawassa airport!


As soon as they got out of the small plane from Addis all they could see was: the landing field, beautiful Ethiopian highlands and fields in the background, and a dirt road.

As they stand there amazed and wondering if and how will they get their luggage, they are told that this will be delivered to them in the field closeby.

And that is indeed the unusual but efficient way that their luggage checked-in in big crowded airports miles away in the their countries of origin is collected by them.




They have their luggage now, but how are they going to reach their final destination? There is no meeting hall, no exit indication, no info desk. Only beautiful nature around.

They are going to spend the next few days with 20 other HER CHOICE colleagues from different countries in Linking&Learning (L&L) meetings and project visits. And they are eager and excited to get started! They will exchange good practices, discuss common challenges, learn from each other and grow together in their common fight against child marriage.

Finally, a kind Ethiopian man approaches them and introduces himself as their driver, and assures that he will bring them to their accomodation.

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