Our work is now more necessary than ever and here is why

The circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment, have a major impact on the lives of the girls and their families we work for. Far-reaching measures have been taken in the ten Her Choice countries to prevent the spread of the virus. Schools are closed almost everywhere and meetings and travel are forbidden.

Research has taught us that the number of child marriages increases explosively in times of crisis and pandemics. We are therefore concerned about the consequences of this crisis on the wellbeing of our main target group: girls and women. In the communities where Her Choice operates, they are already in a vulnerable position, but now, in addition to the health risk, they are at great risk of becoming victims of poverty, which is rapidly worsening as a result of the crisis, and increasing domestic violence.

We are therefore also committed to activities that strengthen the safety and well-being of our target group. In the deployment of these activities, we will continue to use the six Her Choice programme strategies. This approach enables us to continue to contribute to the results of the programme. Our work is now more necessary than ever. Now more than ever, we can play a crucial role in protecting vulnerable groups.