Awareness and hygiene in Nepal

CWIN, a pioneer child rights NGO in Nepal and partner of Her Choice alliance member ICDI, has taken different measures to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. CWIN has developed leaflets with information about the proper way to wash hands and distributed these in the Her Choice communities, especially among children.

Further more, CWIN has developed posters entitled ‘Let’s Talk about COVID-19 with Children’ and has distributed these widely. Child Helplines in the project areas are still functioning to provide emergency services to children in need. As a part of the awareness campaigns, adolescent facilitators are teaching children how to wash their hands and stay safe. The adolescents have been going door to door to distribute informative leaflets in the Her Choice communities.

In the current scenario of the lockdown, where children and adolescents are confined within the household, it can sometimes lead to increased risk of neglect, maltreatment and abuse. Moreover, parents  are struggling with stress ,but also the tension perceived by children and adolescents. Hence, CWIN in coordination with Kanti Children’s Hospital has started a full-time Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Tele-Consultation to ensure that these services are available to children and adolescents throughout Nepal.