Activities slowly resume their normal course in Burkina Faso

Since the beginning of the outbreak of the virus in Burkina Faso, the local partners implementing the Her Choice programme continued to protect children who appeared to be at greater risk of domestic violence and abuse. Following the restrictive measures given by Her Choice alliance member Kinderpostzegels, the local Her Choice partners in Burkina Faso rearranged the interventions and continued carrying out the programme.

The local partners work in a way that ensures both the protection of the children from contamination as to ensure their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) to protect them from child marriage. Some salient examples are the broadcasting of radio programmes that communicate messages on child marriage, FGM and SRH, incorporating messages on COVID-19 (strategy 1 and 5). Through these radio programmes the formal education of young people can continue, with the support of teachers trained during the programme (strategy 2).

The health situation has clearly improved in Burkina Faso, as of June 2020. Vigilance remains, but activities are slowly but surely resuming their normal course. For example, learning exercises are being developed by teachers and given to the students who pass one by one to pick them up in a disinfected room. Also, awareness-raising activities by change agents trained by the programme, continue. The change agents are provided with protective materials for use in group activities.

Besides this, planned training courses in several sessions with a maximum of 10 participants, are being implemented. The measures against corona contamination and spread are standard part of the training and other work meetings. For the follow-ups, at the beginning of each week the local partner organizes a video conference. The meeting is not only limited to programme activities, but also provides mutual moral support.