Information and face masks for girls and their families in Bangladesh

Various measures considering the health risks of its beneficiaries and staff were taken by Dalit, local partner in Bangladesh of Her Choice alliance member ICDI.

Since the news of the COVID19-infection in Bangladesh in the first week of March, Dalit started awareness raising activities and the distribution of face masks.  Dalit is working to improve the quality of life of 91,344 families through various types of projects. To keep these beneficiaries free from the risk of getting infected, awareness raising information has been provided at the field level meetings of all projects since the second week of March. All of the rules, as prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to protect against COVID19, are well understood.

On its own initiative, the organization also organized a relief distribution program together with the Department of Social Welfare. Since Dalit has no emergency relief fund, the staff of the organization paid the equivalent amount of 1 day salary to Dalit to provide food to the vulnerable people. As a result, relief bags with rice, lentils, cooking oil, salt, soap and potatoes were distributed this week to 140 families of extreme poor and untouchable communities in Khulna city.