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‘Changing norms takes time’

‘We have been working on tackling child marriage within the Her Choice programme for 3 years now and we see that the number of child marriages is decreasing and the knowledge about sexual rights is increasing. We also see that many more girls go to high school.’ Evelijne Bruning, country director of Her Choice alliance […]

Her Choice at ICPD25

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the ground breaking International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), which took place in Cairo in 1994. In that year 179 countries committed themselves to the goal of empowering women. The goal: to strengthen the development of these women, their families and communities. Her Choice was present at […]

Tackling child marriage by giving girls bikes

Making girls independent by providing them bikes. It may sound simple, but turns out to be a powerful tool to empower girls and even reduce child marriage rates. As part of Her Choice’s strategy to improve access to education, Bedari -Her Choice’s local partner in Pakistan- has experimented with the strategy of providing bicycles to […]

Ending child marriage in Ethiopia

In the North Shoha Ethiopian region, east of the capital Addis Ababa, The Hunger Project is actively working within the Her Choice alliance to end child marriages. For example by setting up Girls Clubs, through lessons on sexual rights, by increasing economic security for girls and their families, and through village discussions. The entire village […]

Religious Nepalese leaders condemning child marriage

With the support of Her Choice alliance member ICDI, CWIN interviewed four Dharma Gurus from four different religions about their opinion about child marriage. They all agree that child marriage has to be stopped. They’re not only condemning it, they also actively call upon parents and religious leaders not to marry off their children.  Even […]

Our impact on child marriages

Meet 15-year-old Mamata from Bangladesh. Her dream was to become a school teacher, but suddenly things were decided differently for her. Hoping that it would solve their financial problems, Mamata’s parents wanted their teenage daughter to marry soon. Worldwide there are millions of girls like Mamata. Girls who have dreams about becoming teachers, doctors, lawyers. […]