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Girls climb Wanale Mountain to break menstrual stigma in Uganda

Menstruation is an integral and normal part of human life. Menstrual hygiene is fundamental to the dignity and wellbeing of girls and women. It is an important part of the basic hygiene, sanitation and reproductive health services to which every girl has a right. During the implementation of the HER CHOICE programme in Uganda, it […]

A comic book against child marriage made by teens in Nepal

  In the scope of the HER CHOICE programme, groups of teenagers from 3 districts in Nepal (Banke, Morang and Makwanpur) were trained on storytelling through comics with the support of CWIN. They learnt to explore stories and cases and express themselves creatively through self-drawn pictures.           They immediately understood that […]

Youth leaders organize safe roads to school in Bangladesh

Going to school is one of the best ways to prevent girls getting married when they are still a child. Yet in Bangladesh school is not necessarily always a safe place. Girls are often harassed by boys on their way to school, for example. This kind of harassment is so common in Bangladesh that it […]

Child-marriage free house marks in Pakistan

  Stencils and play cards put a strong impact on people’s minds. Especially for those who are illiterate. One picture or one word can bring huge attitudinal change if seen repeatedly. That’s what was behind the initiative launched by the HER CHOICE partner Bedari, which involves marking the houses of people who refuse child marriage. […]

HER CHOICE at the Girls Not Brides Global Conference last week!

Last week HER CHOICE was at the Global GirlsNotBrides conference, during which 500 international partners shared their experiences, lessons learned, stories, obstacles, and successes in fighting against child marriages worldwide.   In this picture, the joint presentation of the HER CHOICE poster by representatives of 8 HER CHOICE countries present at the Girls Not Brides […]